Rio Middle/High School

411 Church Street, Rio, WI 53960 - (920) 992-3141

Fax Number: (920) 992-3157    

Principal - Mr. Matt Davis

Mental Health


By June 2023, reduce the number of students who self-identify that they struggle with school because of mental health issues to 15%.

BASELINE: 30% as of September 2021

UPDATE: 28% as of May 2022

By June 2023, reduce the number of repeat offenders by 25% (to 22 students).

BASELINE: 14% (30 students)

21-22 Well Be's Annual Mental Health Report

Foundations for Young Adult Success

Our Mental Health and Academic and Career Planning programs focus on the research-based strategies below for helping create Foundations for Young Adult Success. We know that Academic Knowledge and Skills is a part of student success; however, Mindsets, Values, and Self-Regulation are also a huge part in creating success in adolescents. Through learning experiences at home, school, and organized activities, the goal is to develop these skills at a proficient level.