Rio Middle/High School

411 Church Street, Rio, WI 53960 - (920) 992-3141

Fax Number: (920) 992-3157    

Principal - Mr. Matt Davis

Grading For Learning


Pilot 1 (MS math, MS ELA, 6-7 science, 6 social studies, HS life science):  

Implemented competency based report cards during the 21-22 school year. Will work on creating authentic and balanced assessments that correspond with the reporting standards.

Pilot 2 (HS ELA): 

Will implement competency based reporting standards during the 22-23 school year for English 9 and 10. Will work on refining standards and updating assessments.

Pilot 3 (8 science, 7-8 social studies, MS business, MS art, MS, music, MS PE, MS tech. ed., MS Spanish, MS agriculture):

Will receive professional development in grading for learning and start to create reporting standards to be implemented during the 23-24 school year.

What is Standards Based Grading/Grading for Learning?

Grading for Learning Pilot Presentation

Grading for Learning: What to Expect Presentation

21-22 Grading for Learning Pilot Presentation

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