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* = Elementary / M/High School 

Newton, John Director of Maintenance Both Email 197    
Bagwell, Nicole Administrative Assistant Elementary Email 607    
Bateson, Erica Food Service Elementary Email 636    
Bender, Becky Early Childhood (4-K) Elementary Email 619 Webpage  
Bender, Susie Food Service Elementary Email 636    
Black, Tammy 4th Grade Elementary Email 622  
Bongert, Lori 4th Grade Elementary Email 623 Webpage  
Bortz, Lola M/HS Teaching Assistant Middle/High Email 137    
Brewer, Alyssa Music Teacher Elementary Email 610    
Brown, Amy 3rd Grade Elementary Email 615    
Bubolz, Lynn Special Ed. Teaching Assistant Elementary Email 818    
Caine, Melissa MS Special Education Middle/High Email 127    
Cook, Barnaby Social Studies Middle/High Email 172 Webpage  
Cooper, Andi Agriculture Middle/High Email 171    
Fagan, Chris Teaching Assistant Middle/High Email 852    
Falk, Kristie  Family & Consumer Ed. Middle/High Email 191    
Fennessy, Lea 1st Grade (Shared) Elementary Email 604 Webpage  
Fletcher, Jeannie 5th Grade Elementary Email 621 Webpage  
Frea, Jean Teaching Assistant Elementary Email 824    
Gilbert, Steve HS Social Studies Middle/High Email 124    
Gill, Mandi HS English Middle/High Email 123    
Harris, Steve School Counselor Middle/High Email 209    
Hartley, Megan EL TA/ 1st Grade (Shared) Elementary Email 640    
Heck, Tammy Business Education Middle/High Email 130 Webpage  
Heckmann, Daniel HS Mathematics Middle/High Email 165 Webpage  
Hoene, Tanya Food Service Middle/High Email 188    
Hoffman, Kelley HS Chemistry / Physics Middle/High Email 160 Webpage  
Hopperdietzel, Michelle Special Education Elementary Email 624    
Horsman, Susan 3rd  Grade Elementary Email 614    
Howard, Nicole Administrative Assistant Middle/High Email 100    
Hruby, Kim Early Childhood / CESA Elementary Email 619    
Jenson, Dean Special Education Middle/High Email 126    
Jordan, Chris 2nd Grade Elementary Email 612    
Kearney, Wendy 5th Grade Elementary Email 620 Webpage  
Koenig, Stacia 1st Grade Elementary Email 601 Webpage  
Kolacki, Erika HS Engish Middle/High Email 139    
Kolakowski, Sandy Teaching Assistant Elementary Email 870    
Kutz, Michelle Spanish Middle/High Email 175    
Larson, Lori Library/Teaching Assistant Middle/High Email 851    
Lucht, Jane  School Nurse Both Email 606 / 151 *    
Marquardt, Samantha Title I Elementary Email 605 Webpage  
Meixner, Sara  Food Service Director Middle/High Email 188    
McGuire, Mark District Administrator Middle/High Email 119    
Mertz, Linda Librarian Both Email 633/131 *    
Mitchell-Fimreite, Jean MS English Middle/High Email 173    
Mootz, Patrick Science Middle/High Email 158    
Napralla, Jared Kindergarten (5-K) Elementary Email 603 Webpage  
Nogee, Sarah Kindergarten (5-K) Elementary Email 602 Webpage  
Noyes, Brittani STRIVE / At-Risk Middle/High Email 170    
Olson, Bonnie Speech & Language Elementary Email 617    
Olson, Dana Teaching Assistant Middle/High Email      
Pajtash, Sadie School Counselor Elementary Email 625    
Peterson, Jamie Administrative Assistant Middle/High Email 111    
Tait, Dana M/HS Principal / Athletic Director Middle/High Email 115    
Pribbenow, Julie Custodian Middle/High Email 197    
Prochnow, Jennifer 2nd Grade Elementary Email 613    
Schaalma, Katie MS Science & Math Middle/High Email 157    
Schmidt, Rita Food Service Middle/High Email 188    
Schmitt, Kayla Early Learning Assistant Elementary Email      
Schultz, Tabitha Food Service Middle/High Email 188    
Schraufnagel, Amy MS Math, English, Soc Studies Middle/High Email 174    
Struck, Tim Phy Ed Both Email 637    
Sunde, Lois Director of Business Services Middle/High Email 118    
Swanson, Carey Phy Ed / Health Middle/High Email 213    
Toellner, Brad HS Math Middle/High Email 125 Webpage  
Valencia, Jesus Band / Choir Middle/High Email 144    
Vangen, Eugene Custodian Middle/High Email 197    
Vangen, Marcia Teaching Assistant Middle/High Email 853    
Vetter, Craig Elementary Principal Elementary Email 608    
Wais, Chuck Technology Education Middle/High Email 167    
Wais, Jayne  Art Both Email 611 / 166 * Webpage  
Winters, Beth 6th Grade Middle/High Email 176